Literary Music bring alive the music of the past with entertaining programmes inspired by the lives and works of Jane Austen and others of our best loved authors

Literary Music

Programmes are flexible in length and content, combining songs, arias, quotations and historical background (see Booking us for more details). Some of our most popular programmes include:

Literary Music
Mr Darcy

Jane Austen's Music

“Catherine...learned a year and could not bear it...the day which dismissed the music master was one of the happiest of Catherine's life.”   Northanger Abbey

Inspired by the wit, romance and charm of Jane Austen’s writing our programme explores music in Regency society and in Jane's own life and novels.

200 Years of Emma

A Celebration of the bicentenary of the publication of Emma in words and music.

Sense and Sensuality

A musical exploration of the sensual in Regency culture; the era of scandalous Romantic poets, of dampened-down petticoats and the erotic Gothic novel, with reference to Jane Austen's novels

Elizabeth Gaskell

“Cynthia's singing and playing was light and graceful, but anything but correct. But she herself was so charming that it was only fanatics for music who cared for false chords and omitted notes.”   Wives and Daughters

From the folksongs of Manchester factory workers to the drawing room songs of the upper class this programme explores the widely differing roles of music in 19th Century society and celebrates the skill, humour and tragedy of Gaskell's novels.