Literary Music bring alive the music of the past with entertaining programmes inspired by the lives and works of Jane Austen and others of our best loved authors

Literary Music
Literary Music


"I went to see Sense and Sensuality this evening at the Bollington Festival; it was absolutely marvelous. I had expected it to be good but I hadn't expected to be so totally delighted. If you like Jane Austen, if you like music and you enjoy a laugh this is most definitely the show for you, I would recommend it to anyone."
Ann Durrant

"A memorable and moving occasion"
Christopher Sandrawich, Jane Austen Society Midlands

"Our entire Society was bowled over by their performance."
Christopher Sandrawich, Jane Austen Society Midlands

"Your performance was just perfect for the evening. You have a beautiful voice and the bit of chat in between the songs was excellent."
Jackie Herring, Festival Director at The Jane Austen Festival

"We cannot speak too highly of her performance and general professionalism."
Dr Jean Alston